Mardi Gras Makeup

Mardi Gras Makeup

How to Do Your Makeup for Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras Makeup
With so many beads strung 'round your neck for Mardi Gras, you have to make your makeup fierce. This is one occasion when you can dabble in any combination of bold makeup colors—purple, gold , red and green come to mind and you can use them on eyes, lips and even cheeks. Try on Mardi Gras makeup in our virtual makeup studio.

Purple mascara is a must and light lilac lips look gorgeous paired with gold eye shadows. Use an emerald green liquid eye liner and a forest green eye shadow to create a come-hither smoky eye and add embellished false lashes (think glitter or feathers) as the finishing touch.

To create a smoky eye for Mardi Gras, apply purple eye shadow allover the lid and blend it upward and outward at the outer corners of the eye. You can also use a purple powder eye shadow as an eye liner; apply it to your lash line with an eye liner brush and pair it with glossy lilac lips for a look that cries "Give me more beads!" –Stephanie Simons


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Try a brightening eyeshadow primer first.
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Attach do get such a metallic/silvery color to show up that well on the lids??? This comment has been removed.
The eyeshadow is incredibly amazing 0__o Purple's my favorite color and the blending just looks ridiculously good on the model! This comment has been removed.
Try using a primer and a loose eyeshadow. I really like MAC's loose pigments (~$18). This comment has been removed.
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