Get Sexy Bedroom Eyes

Get Sexy Bedroom Eyes

How to Do Sexy Smoky Eye Makeup for the Bedroom

Get Sexy Bedroom Eyes
If you were blessed with sexy bedroom eyes, playing with makeup may be more fun because there's a lot more lid to work with. Bedroom eyes are sultry, usually with heavy or sleepy-looking lids that call to mind the boudoir because they make you look like you just emerged from a romp in the hay. Follow these makeup tips to score a sexy bedroom look, no matter what the shape of your eyes, then check out sexy bedroom hairstyles to go with them. You can try on sexy bedroom makeup in our virtual makeup studio.

Black mascara is a must. Wipe excess mascara from the wand with a clean tissue to prevent clumps. Coat the top side of your lashes first to keep you from getting "light roots" (something common to fair haired women whose light roots go untouched by black mascara). Coat the underside as usual by brushing upward and outward, not slanted to the side, for a lengthening effect and to make your lashes pop when he looks at you head-on.

It's not neccessary to line the tops and bottom lashes to create bedroom eyes. Lining only the tops of the eyes opens them up and makes them appear larger and more Bette Davis like. Lining your lower lashes with white eyeliner imparts a stunning bright-eyed effect.

To finish your sexy bedroom eyes, turn to false eyelashes. Faux fringe should get longer toward the middle of the eye and shorter at the innner and outer corners. For the most natural look, apply them indivudally, not in strips (although strips can be cut before you apply them to achieve this shape). Apply false lashes after eyeliner, then go back over the lashline with more eyeliner to hide tell-tale traces of glue. Forgo white eyelash glue for the black stuff, which blends in easier with dramatic eye makeup. Then prepare to be ravaged. --Stephanie Simons

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