Futuristic Makeup Looks

Futuristic Makeup Looks

Glossy Textures and Bold Colors for a Futuristic Makeup Look

Futuristic Makeup Looks
If you fantasize about being a heroine of the femme fatale variety, look no further to find inspiration for your Halloween costume. Futuristic or space-age makeup is the stuff of superheroes and science fiction, which puts this extreme look in a league of its own. This costume idea is all at once sexy and powerful, and calls for androgynous, geometric silhouettes inspired by the 80s.Try on futuristic makeup in our virtual makeup studio.

Dress to thrill in a provocative mix of bold, powerful and seductive pieces. Think wide, angular shoulders (achieve them with pads) and a cinched waist. The current clothes-with-many-zippers trend in stores now ought to help you achieve the look.

Experiment with metallic silver or gunmetal lips and smoky charcoal shadows applied upward and outward at each corner of the eyes for cat-woman effect. Smudged makeup will lend this look even more power, as if you just emerged from the battlefield. Paint your eyebrows in geometric formation with a liquid eyeliner in black or brown.

On nails, go completely industrial chic in the new flat nail polishes, which have a matte finish (try red, grey or even black that dry to a shine-free finish).  Metallic cuffs with angular lines and a silver statement necklace will amp up the drama for evening. –Stephanie Simons


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Such an unique and artistic look. I think this would be great for Halloween...just dunno where I would find makeup in those shades lol This comment has been removed.
Whoa niceeee right up the alley with Lady Gaga hahaha This comment has been removed.
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