February 1st - National Wear Red Day

February 1st - National Wear Red Day

Wear Red to Raise Awareness About Heart Disease

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January has come and gone and February is literally upon us. With February comes a month of red due to Valentine’s Day but also it is kicked off with “Wear Red Day,” an American Heart Association movement to raise awareness about heart disease.

Red is a strong, symbolic color and you can wear red however you want. It’s a color that will make you feel confident and bold and everyone has a shade that looks best on them. Here are just a few ideas for those wanting to embrace the dive into February:

Nails. When it doubt, always go to your nails to add in some color to your outfit. A bold nail can still make a statement but not as much of a splash as say a red dress.

Shoes. Red heels are the ultimate in style. A classic red pump can take a boring pantsuit up a notch or change the look of your jeans and t-shirt in a snap.

Hair Accessories. A red headband, clip or even a red ribbon is a great and easy way to show support for a good cause.

Red clothes. Red skinny jeans, a red skirt or a red dress will make sure you get noticed and it shows a more feisty side to your personality that will be perfect for tomorrow since it’s Friday!

Red and black are the obvious color combo, but red and gray, red and navy and red and neutrals are also very pretty together. Whether you want to wear red because it’s the start of the “romance” month or because it’s Wear Red Day or maybe just because you look killer in the color, go for it!

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@smallfry349 ABSOLUTELY! This comment has been removed.
I wore my red today......I know this is a Fashion statement but Ladies please take care of your Heart Health, we want everybody to live long, healthy lives. This comment has been removed.
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