Determining Personal Colors

Determining Personal Colors

To Select Becoming Colors for Your Wardrobe, You Must Consider: Your Skin, Your Eyes and Your Hair.

To determine your basic coloring, analyze your skin without makeup.
Be sure to use strong natural light or incandescent lighting cause fluorescent lighting causes colors to look different. Wear a light, neutral color or place a white towel around your shoulders so no external colors interfere.
Now, look at your face in a good mirror. What are the major colors that you see?
After determining basic skin tone, warm or cool, consider the color of your hair and eyes. These three colors, skin, hair and eyes, make up your personal coloring, and must be considered as you select makeup and fashion colors to create an attractive appearance. Colors that flatter your skin usually look good with your hair and eye coloring, but not always. In such cases, always select the color that looks best with your skin.

Ask yourself the following questions about each color:

-Does my skin glow?
-Does the color cause skin imperfections or wrinkles to be less noticeable?
-Does the color bring out the highlights in my hair?
-Do my eyes sparkle with this color?

Knowing your best colors will help you look your best. Once you have determined your skin coloring, you can select fashion and makeup colors that are most flattering to you.
Remember, your goal is to look as healthy and sparkling as possible.
Wearing the right colors can help you do just that.

Susan Wright, Extension Clothing and Textiles Specialist

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