Cinderella Makeup Looks

Cinderella Makeup Looks

Cinderella Makeup to Inspire Your Own Romantic Fairytale

Cinderella Makeup Looks
Dream yourself away to your own romantic storybook ending this Halloween. So what if you can’t find a pair of glass slippers to complete your Cinderella costume. You don’t need a glamorous gown to channel Cinderella. Imagine the grand dame of fairytales before the ball when she was still singing “someday my prince will come” (a most unexpected twist on this popular Halloween costume, if we do say so). All you really need to make the look recognizable is a proper fairy godmother by your side. Try on peasant Cinderella makeup in our virtual makeup studio.

Peasant Cinderella hair can be tied up in loose knots (just because you’re a peasant girl doesn’t mean you have to look matronly). Create a sexy undone bun by letting your hair air dry then loosening a low, center-parted ponytail (teased at the crown). The look becomes soft, feminine and modern when you twist the tail into a knot and blast the front of the hair with a blow dryer to get a messy look with flyaways. Pigtails, or hair worn down with a head wrap, will also suffice if you want to be Cinderella for Halloween.

In terms of your peasant wardrobe, think classic folk patterns like tartan, patchwork and thick embroidery. It’s the same kind of style attributed to Hansel and Gretel. Cinderella’s makeup calls to mind an old photograph with colors that are pale and soft (dove grey, taupe and rose gold). The end result is romantic and dream-like. Now go find your prince. –Stephanie Simons

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