Bollywood Makeup

Bollywood Makeup

How to Do Your Makeup Bollywood Style

Bollywood Makeup
Indian woman possess an inherently mysterious, magnificent kind of glamour that has swiftly become coveted, imitated and westernized. Bollywood is big right now (just ask Freida Pinto, Juhi Chawla, Twinkle Khanna, Preity Zinta and Aishwarya Rai).Your copycat mission, should you choose to accept it, is to play up your eyes with winged liner, dramatic shadow and the most fashionable of global accessories: the bindi, a symbol of good luck and purity. Try on Bollywood makeup in our virtual makeup studio.

Experiment with unusual shades like canary yellow, lime or deep jade. Rim top and bottom lashes with jet black liquid eyeliner (as thick as you desire), extending it upward a few millimeters beyond the outer corner of the eye.

Paint lips a luscious shade of red or coral, and lacquer them with high shine gloss. This is one of the few looks that calls for dark eyes and a dark pout.

Channel your inner Bollywood starlet with a bindi, placed in the center of your forehead. Modern designs come in any number of shapes and colors, with embellishments such as crystals, pearls and glitter to dress up the face like jewelry. You can select one to match the color of your ensemble and to flatter your face shape. The bigger your eyes, the bigger your bindi (an oblong bindi will widen a narrow forehead, a round one complements wider faces). Fair faces look ravishing in binidis that are maroon, red and deep pink. Olive or ebony skin tones can carry off pastels or citrus shades. For total convenience, opt for a skin-friendly adhesive rather than making your bindi the traditional way, from vermilion powder.

Long, shiny, straight hair is the hallmark of a Bollywood Beauty. Think serpentine-inspired strands, which you can achieve with extensions.


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