Beauty and Fashion: Prom 101

Beauty and Fashion: Prom 101
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It's been several, several years since I've seen prom firsthand; however, it doesn't mean I don't still like to see the prom trends year after year. Prom time for me meant meant big, poufy dresses and heavily hairsprayed updos. In the midst of that trend, I went with a short, spaghetti-strapped dress and loose, curly hair. So, no matter what trends show up prom season after prom season, the night is made to feel good about you!

Cocktail Dress v. Ballgown

Sometimes I wish that at least one year I would've opted for the long dress. Although, at the time, I thought I was too short to pull one off. With short dresses, you can go strapless, formfitting, or flared and with long you have the option of a full skirt, a slit or maybe even a train. Whatever you decide, you need to make sure the trend fits you and your personality. Picking a dress is just the beginning because after you choose a style, there's always color or pattern to think about too.

Fancy Updo v. Low Key Hair

Do you want a fancy updo? Do you want low maintenance hair? Something in between? It's always best to do a run through before the actual dance because you may end up with a style you aren't too psyched about. For me, updos never look quite right and while I love how they look on others, I know that my hair down is how I feel I look best. Browse through some of your favorite styles and get inspiration from trendy celebs. Then, pick a style that will last through the night and one that complements your dress (and you) the best.

Full Face of Makeup v. Just Some Neutral Tones

Depending on the style of your dress will make a difference with how you'll want to do your makeup. A smoky eye is always a hit or a bold, punchy lip, but there's a lot to be said for keeping things subtle and soft. Again, it's easier to create a whole look once you've chosen the dress and you can decide if a more dramatic or natural look is best.

After you have the dress, hair and makeup figured out, then there's always the shoes, accessories, clutches to think about as well. Prom is such a fun time, a great way to get dressed up and have fun with friends. Pick out a look that is special to you and don't hesitate to stand out when it comes to the big night.

What prom fashions have been your favorite?


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Love the blush color of the dress and shoes. The accessories are perfect too. Fun! This comment has been removed.
That's a really cute look. My prom dress was very...poufy. This comment has been removed.
Everyone at my school wore short dresses like the one pictured here and I wore a long almost Victorian looking dress. Original style even back then. ;) This comment has been removed.
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