10 Beauty Tips for the Bride

10 Beauty Tips for the Bride

Credits: Nikki Gill and Claire Rahn

(1) Cut out salt one week before your wedding - it causes bloating and swelling

(2) Drink plenty of water - it hydrates your skin and creates a healthy complexion

(3) Avoid red wine - it will stain your teeth

(4) Go for a facial six weeks before your wedding and avoid trying new skincare products

(5) Get all waxing done one week before your wedding to avoid blotchiness

(6) Start your skincare regimen six months in advance so there is plenty of time to see the results

(7) If you start a new workout regimen, remember to always wash your face afterward - sweat clogs pores

(8) Avoid tanning salons as they can cause burns and dry out your skin

(9) Use a spray tan at least eight weeks before your wedding to see if you like the colour. If you do, use the spray tan again three days before your wedding

(10) Remember to inform your makeup artist that you plan on tanning before the wedding so he or she can adjust the colour palette

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Excellent advice. I think I did all of these obsessively before my wedding a few years ago. This comment has been removed.
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