Your hair: 5 natural ways to paint him without…


Your Hair: 5 Natural Ways to Paint Him Without Permanent Paint :

Your hair always suffer when painted. If alone and damaged hair, a new repainting effects can be disastrous.

If you want as well, and still dream of vibrant color, opt for natural products or delicate coloring, tinting. Here are some natural methods for coloring or tinting your hair:

Chamomile Tea

Chamomile is the best "paint" if you want blonde or a lighter. Pour a cup of chamomile flowers in one liter of water. Chamomile Leave to boil for half an hour, then take it from heat and allow it to cool, then strain it with gauze.

Wash your head with your regular shampoo. After shampooing and rinsing, use chamomile tea to your rinse. For future reuse, sit with your head over a bowl to drain the tea. Finally, remove hair and wrap it with a towel.

Lemon juice

Lemon juice is another important ingredient for those wishing to open their hair color. Pour the juice of two lemons in a liter of water. Use mixture to rinse your hair, as if chamomile tea.


Henna is a plant with strong coloring property, so it is used by thousands of years for hair dye, leather and even textiles. Shades you get using henna are redheads.

While there are various shades of henna trade, they are obtained by combining henna plant with various additives. The color you get depends a lot of hair color and hair structure. Try a hair henna "hidden", and if the results thank you, you can apply on the hair.


If you want a darker hair, coffee can help you. To obtain a solution that can color your hair, take a liter of highly concentrated coffee.

Leave the mixture to boil a few minutes, then take it from heat, allow to cool and strain it. Rinse your hair a few times and give you coffee to act without rinsing with water.


Nutshell has a similar effect, being a good tint for those who want a dark hair.

The only difference is that the solution of the coconut shell can provide hair and a reddish tint. Boil a handful of coconut shell, until you get a dark solution, then rinse your hair with it and let it work.

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