Wavy Beach Hair

Wavy Beach Hair

How to Get Tousled, Wavy Beach Hair With a Straightener

If you have rather straight hair like mine, you’ve probably also wondered incredulously how some people get their hair to effortlessly look like they just rolled out of bed with that wondrously sexy, tousled style. Well, unless you have naturally wavy (but not curly hair), you’re likely to be in the same boat as me—that is, you have to actually work at it to get your hair to look like that. After some experimenting, I picked up on a great way to get your hair looking effortlessly wavy with a hair straightener!

Allow your hair to air-dry after washing.
After washing your hair and letting it air-dry, spritz your hair with a bit of hairspray all over. Don’t forget to spray a little to the roots (but not on the scalp!) to give it a bit of volume.

Proceed to blow-dry your hair.
This will instantly give your hair volume and that sexy, gritty texture as if you just let your hair dry from beach water after a dip in the ocean.

Section your hair; pull the top half of your hair and secure on the top of your head.
Using your hair straightener, begin curling 1-1.5 inch sections in alternating directions. Here’s the trick: instead of keeping the straightener concentrated on each section for a prolonged period, run the straightener through your hair a little faster than you would if you were curling it. This will give you natural waves as opposed to tight curls.

Run your fingers through the curls after each section to loosen up the waves.
Style your hair similarly on the top section of the head, and be sure to spritz a bit of hairspray allover after you finish styling your entire head!
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