Summer Hair

Summer Hair

Beach Inspired Do's (:

Are you looking for a new cute hairstyle to match your summer wardrobe? Well, here are just a couple. These great looks include lots of fun beach waves, braids, and cute hair accessories.

So a bolder look would be dip-dyed hair. Dip-dyed hair is where you only color the ends of your hair so that it looks dipped. This new trend can be adjusted to your liking and can be done on any hair color. You can add a pop of fierce color or a natural subtle one. If you tend to have darker hair, you may have to bleach it first and then apply the desired color of dye. It's a fun yet daring look (;

Original beach waves are an easy and attainable way to go. This is a very casual fun look. All you need is mousse or texture balm and your fingers. Scrunch you're hair when damp and you"re all set!

Now, those fishtail braids may look intimidating but they're quite similar to a regular braid. So to learn the basic braid here:
So, once you learn or already now the basic fishtail to get that hairstyle just make two small braids on the sides of your head and connect them together in the back. Add a cute flower or pin for an extra touch (:

This hairstyle may look complicated but it's actually nothing more than a french braid & a messy bun. If you don't know how to french braid, then here(: So, just start of with a french braid at the top of your head and pin the rest up into a distressed bun. Add a cute bow or intertwine a ribbon in the braid if you like. For a messier look, take out a couple pieces of hair and let them fall, but try to make it look as natural as possible.

So this cute do consists of relaxed curls and a cascading waterfall braid. This is a more elegant hairstyle that may take more time, but trust me it's worth it! So, first start out with your waterfall braid from either side and remember start at the top. So if you don't know how to make one: Once you are done with your stylish braid you can either pin it and curl the remaining hair or braid the rest. You can end the braid whenever you like. So once you finish the braid it's up to you if you would like to curl, crimp, wave, or straighten your hair.

Now for the accessories! A popular trend right now is hairbands. For a more hipster look go for tribal headbands. These usually have feathers and beads. They look Indian inspired but very cute. You can wear your hair lose or tied up with a headband and it will add to you're hair. It's a very effortless quick way to touch up your look.

Well, you can go for any hairband but for a more summer look try and find floral or bright summer colored ones. You could also just add a flower tucked behind your ear, pinned in your bun, or right along your braid. Flower headbands give that blooming fresh summery feel. They are a more girly look that you could pair with a nice dress and some wedges. You can also try just adding flowers to your hair. Anyway you choose to wear them, it's a nice way to spice up your outfit!

Headbands, flowers, and even sunglasses are a nice way to compliment a beachy look. And yes sunglasses; sunglasses give you that sunny weather feel. These looks can be used anytime of the year in any weather so don't fret if you don't live along the coast or always have sunny weather. You can always add your own touch and experiment different looks. Well I hope these hairstyles help and inspire you to try something different, have fun & enjoy :)

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