Smooth or Curly

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The more I see the progress of the fashion of straight hair and women take place once beautiful now display a new hair that can please everyone but me, I have nothing against those who do, the more breath to remember the beautiful hair with volume and other times, the funny thing is that once those with straight hair were crazy to have wavy, all is not lost, by the news that I come tendendencia this is changing, and returning to natural hair is right.

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I also have curly hair that is at times hard to manage--so I'm really glad to see that there are others out there who also embrace curly hair. It's definitely hard to style and control, but I love that I was born with curly hair nonetheless. This comment has been removed.
I used to stress about my wavy hair when I was younger but now I just embrace it. I love my wavy hair even if it does get a little wild sometimes! I'm happy this tend is in This comment has been removed.
Heh, I can only hope that this trend is true. ;o) I used to have straight hair (naturally), but mine is wavy now and curls up if I interact with any moisture. I have nothing against straight hair and love the feel of it and the look on some people. However, I love the movement and balance of waves/curls.

Too much emphasis has been put on straight hair: people feel pressured into straightening their hair or embarrassed that it has such volume or natural curly. It's time for change!
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