Spring Hairstyles

Spring Hairstyles

Perfect Hairstyles to Try Out This Spring Season

I’m a big fan of springtime hairstyles—there’s just something about the flowy quality, the way the wind runs through the style, and the effortless ease that make spring hairstyles so great in my books. Here are a couple of my favorite hair looks for this season!

The side twist
In terms of ease and time, this is probably one of the most effortless looks out there. If you’re like me and tend to run late in the morning, this style is your best friend. Especially on those days you find yourself short on time only to realize that your bangs look like a mess, simply twist the pieces framing your face in the direction away from your face, and then secure it with a bobby pin. You can leave your hair down, or even put it up in a low side-ponytail…whatever tickles your fancy! Now this is what I call an effortless-yet-gorgeous look!

The short crop
I love this style on Cameron Diaz, as it has a really fresh quality that gives her a youthful look. I live in a location where the weather is sunny and bright year-round, and spring is just a warmer version of the hot days of summer. As a result, I can imagine this short-cropped look being a great choice for the springtime. Furthermore, low-maintenance is the name of the game if you’re sporting this style. Just a couple minutes with a blow dryer, and you’re set with this hairstyle!

Loose, short waves
I loved this look on Olivia when she graced the red carpet with this hairstyle. It’s light and airy, with just the right amount of volume that makes it appear low-key but gorgeous. It’s got none of that extra dead weight that comes with heavy long styles…and what I love most is that it’s a look that will stay in fashion for quite a while!

What are some of your favorite spring hairstyle looks?
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