One Sided Hairstyles

One Sided Hairstyles

Easy and Intermediate Hair Tutorials

Whether you’re headed to work or a date night, add some ladylike charm into your hairdo with a one sided hairstyle! Depending on the time you have to get ready, you have several options to choose from. Also, don’t forget that you can always include sparkly barrettes or hair extensions to further glamourize your look. Have fun with it!

Easy Breezy 5-Minute Hairstyle

Option 1: Loose Waves
Start by applying a smoothing serum to hair. Then, part hair to one side. Comb and pin one side back. Use a little gel for a smooth, pulled-back look.

Option 2: Low Ponytail
Gather hair into a low ponytail on one side. Wrap a tiny section of hair and circle it around to hide the elastic band. Curl ends of hair if you are going for a wavy look. Finish with hairspray to tame any frizzies.

Intermediate 15-Minute Hairstyle

Option 1: Intricate Braid
Start by applying a texturizing or gel product to hair. This will give longevity to the braid, aiding it to stick together. Begin braiding hair in your choice of fishtail, mermaid or French to one side. Finish with hairspray.

Option 2: Loose Bun
While heating up your curling iron, spritz your tresses with a heat-protectant spray. Then, let dry before you begin curling your whole head of hair. Tease at the crown to add volume before you tie hair into a low ponytail. Now, create a loose bun pinning, as you go, NOT at the end. Spritz with a ton of hairspray to keep everything in place.
Tip: Don’t have a heat-protectant spray? Mix your own with basic hair conditioner and water.

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@courtney2bambi She's got great style! She really knows how to pull off an ENTIRE look head to toe! This comment has been removed.
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I just bought these little twist pins from Wallgreens and used them for this side bun. I only have 2 in and it held my hair all day! Love the side ponytail on Nicole Richie! This comment has been removed.
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