My “Makeup, Hair and Wardrobe”…

My “makeup, Hair and Wardrobe” Morning Routine - Part II

How to Have Low-Maintenance Hair

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I’m very unfussy when it comes to my hair. When you have hair as long and thick as mine, you tend to lose patience quickly with all the blow drying and curling and styling, etc. But despite my lack of desire to do elaborate hairdos throughout the week, I always make sure I take good care of my mane.

Hair routine: 5 minutes

Keep It Clean

I usually wash my hair at night because it takes a very long time to blow dry my hair. Currently, I’m using Dove shampoo, but I like to switch brands after every bottle. Pantene is one of my favorites, but really the shampoo matters less to me than conditioner. Even if I don’t use shampoo every day, I always use conditioner. When it's drier I will use a hair mask or deep conditioning treatment once a week, so it can retain its moisture and shine.

Low-key Styling

Since most days I wake up to dry hair, I add a little bit of styling cream to keep flyaways under control. Sometimes I will straight iron certain pieces and curl others because my hair already has a subtle wave to it. If I’m running late and shower in the morning, I won’t blow dry it, but instead finger comb my hair to avoid breakage. Then, I’ll choose a low bun or a side braid, which are two easy, chic styles.

During the week, I like to keep my hair maintenance to a minimum. When you keep your hair healthy, it’s easier for less time styling in the morning, which is so important to me so I can get enough beauty sleep. What do you do to save time when it comes to doing your hair?

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@vbeauty So braid it, then put in bun? Yeah, think that'd work! This comment has been removed.
Ok just a suggestion but what if you did a small side braid (front part of hair, almost french braid) and pulled into a low bun. I think that would look really cute on you! This comment has been removed.
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