It’s A 10

It’s a 10

Miracle Leave-In Hair Product

If there’s one thing that I’ve learned about beauty products, I’ve come to appreciate products that multitask. Not only do they save valuable time (maybe to press “snooze” just one more time that morning), but they also do the job of multiple products. Overall, they save me time and money, and who doesn’t love that?

So you could imagine how giddy I was to discover my latest hair miracle product. In fact, the name says it all. On a rating of 1 to 10, it deserves a solid 10, and believe it or not, it outperforms most hair products by successfully nourishing and protecting your hair in, you got it, 10 unbelievable ways. Let’s count them!

1. Repairs dry damaged hair

2. Adds shine

3. Smoothes and controls frizz

4. Seals and protects hair color

5. Detangles

6. Prevents split ends

7. Stops hair breakage

8. Creates silkiness

9. Enhances natural body

10. Flat iron spray and thermal protector

11. Walks your dog. Ok so this one isn’t guaranteed, but with a beautiful bounty of voluminous, smooth hair, convincing a suitor to do this for you wouldn’t be far-fetched. Like I said, the world is at your command with this miracle leave-in hair product. Charge!


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This product is very good ' it controls my frizzy hair. I highly recommend (: This comment has been removed.
@vamp1967 It's great!! This comment has been removed.
@RoryGautsche I use the spray leave-in treatment, but take your pick bc they have a wide variety from serums to styling products to shampoos/conditioners. They even have specialized keratin and blonde products :) This comment has been removed.
Hmm, might have to look into this product. I mean it may or may not walk a dog! ;) Haha This comment has been removed.
Okay, I need to try this ASAP! I'm almost out of my Kerastase, (which is like $48)!!! OUCH! I've heard several good things about this line...which product do you use, is it a serum or cream? This comment has been removed.
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