Is your hair coming in white ?

Is Your Hair Coming in White ?

Silver Lining.................

me silver down
I had finally decided that after every two weeks of seeing roots turning white that I should try to do something about it. I was told about a web site called "Gray and Proud". Looking into this website I saw how many people were blogging about how they finally felt they now had enough confidence to grow out their hair to see what they would have as an end result. Some got very short hair cuts so they could see the results faster and others just kept letting it grow out - putting their hair in a bun or whatever it took just to let it all grow out.
I decided that this would be my next move because I had tried every color in the spectrum of hair colors. No matter what you were still going to have roots unless you wore a wig.
White and silver hair have become a new trend - you see it everywhere now. I even found out that I could still color my now silver/white hair with rinses that just wash out. What a concept!!!! I am now "Gray and Proud" also. I think I have kept this look the longest and my gray now grows in with no problem and I never color my roots - with the execption of the frame around my face. I decided to keep a little color there still, but coloring roots on only an inch of hair around your face - is a breeze. I will be 60 years old soon and I first saw this look on a girl in her 20's! I didn't think it would actually look good - but there are some rinses in Silver and True Steel that people just comment on all the time. I am much happier and use way less chemicals in my hair now. I love doing the make overs because I can remember back to the days I actually wore these colors. My natural color was dark brown and before I went silver it was blonde. This make over site lets you dream big................Enjoy!!!!! And just remember - there is always a Silver Lining!!!!
Blue ivy
Ivy reddish
brown hair ivy
Ivy blonde and pinks

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@illbeyour-warrior -Thanks for the comment. I really do love it since I have done it. It is the easiest to maintain. You would just have to bleach out what you actually want to streak - an added bonus is that you can then put any wash out color on - now they even have hair chalks,etc. in all colors........Go for it!!!! Life is a rainbow of colors!!!!! This comment has been removed.
OMG !! I've always wanted to streak my hair like a platinum blonde or white for fun; I personally think that white/grey/silver hair is awesome ^^ This comment has been removed.
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