How to Use a Spiral Curling Iron

How to Use a Spiral Curling Iron

Tips to Achieving Perfect Spiral Curls

A spiral curling iron can look like some sort of medieval torture device, but fear not ladies. We’ve got the tips and tricks to make using the spiral curler a walk in the park.

The spiral curler is very similar to the basic curling iron, with the exception of two main differences. While the hair clamps on curling irons usually run the length of the iron’s barrel, the spiral curler has a much shorter clamp at the very base of the iron. The smaller clamp leaves room for the winding spiral—the second major difference—that is molded into the barrel of the iron, and serves as a pattern for hair to follow.

Begin by dividing hair into small sections, which will be easier to work with. Take a half-inch piece of hair and run it through the iron, fastening the ends of the hair in the iron’s clamp. Next, twist the iron up and around, winding the selection of hair around the barrel of the iron (follow the spiral guide). Hold the iron in place for approximately five to ten seconds and then release hair. Once the entire head is styled, mist hair with a setting spray for lasting hold.

The look of spiral curls is easily changed by varying both the thickness of the sections curled, and the size of the curling iron itself. For a tighter look, similar to Taylor Swift’s signature coif, opt for a smaller barrel and curl half-inch sections of hair. For bigger curls, opt for a larger iron and thicker sections.

Spiral curls are a great way to add glamor to your look. With these helpful tips, there is no reason to be intimated by the spiral curling iron.

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My hair is so long right now, I think it's prime time to bust out the spiral curling iron. I'm going to try this out. Thanks for the tips Taaz! This comment has been removed.
I love the look of spiral curling iron curls! I'm busting mine out and trying this tomorrow. Thank you :) This comment has been removed.
I usually do this with my smaller curling iron anyway. Anyone notice a difference? This comment has been removed.
Using a spiral curling iron takes A LOT of patience, but the results are worth it. Whenever I have extra time to get ready I'm all for it! This comment has been removed.
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