How To Rock Feather Hair Extensions!

How to Rock Feather Hair Extensions!

Forget Clip in Ponytail Extensions and Coontail extensions...The Newest Hair Trend Is Feathers!

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Coontails and clip-in ponytails extensions are a thing of the past...The latest and greatest hair trend being seen on celebs and the like are feather hair extensions. Feathers are already big on jewelry but the next big thing is rocking them in your hair. However,like any great fashion trend there are some guidelines that should be followed to ensure that you look hot and not like big bird...

1) Match Your Hair Type- This is simple: If you have curly hair opt for curly feathers and if your hair is straight go for straight ones. Otherwise the extensions won't blend well with your hair and will look out of place.

2) Choose a Contrasting Color- You do NOT want to choose feathers that are the same shade as your hair because at a passing glance it will look like you have a strand of severely damaged hair or crud in it. Brunettes will look best with red or light colored feathers and blondes will look best with browns or other darker shades.

3) Location, Location, Location- Where you place your feather will have a major impact on the look. Feathers placed on top of you hair will have a more juvenile look. Feathers placed underneath peeking out from your bottom layer will have a more sophisticated and understated sexiness to them.

4) Clip-in or Fixed- You have options when i comes to how you wish to attach your feathers. For a simple option you can change up daily opt for a clip-in style. For a more long-term look opt for bonded extensions.

5) Choose Wisely- Take a minute when choosing the actual look of the feathers you want. Try to avoid a single speckled feather because it will look like you are a crazy woman with a snake in your hair. Most people who choose bonded extensions choose to get a group three feathers: one skinny long feather, one short, wider feather, and one striped feather. If you opt for bonded extensions keep your everyday hairstyle in mind. You don't want your feathers to end up buried underneath your hair everyday.

6) Mind Your Lifestyle- If you work at an office or any other job that requires you to dress professionally then you should probably avoid feather extensions at work. If you work in a retail store or restaurant then you can probably pull it off. This is obviously not an issue if you are going to be using clip-in extensions. Generally, I would also probably not recommend wearing feathers past the age of, say 30. But 40 is the new 20 so who am I to really say!

7) Quality Matters- When choosing feather extensions it is important to consider the quality of the material. The highest quality feathers are Grade A Rooster Feathers. These can be flat ironed, curled, and blow dried right along with your hair without worrying about damaging them.Most clip-ins and cheaper feather extensions are made of a type of plastic and CANNOT be styled with any heat tools or you will have a melted mess and a ruined straightener. If you are getting bonded extensions definitely go for rooster feathers so they can be styled and washed with your hair.
There are other natural types available as well such as Goose and Turkey.

Maintaining feather extensions is simple if they are real rooster feathers. Just wash and brush as you would your own hair (just avoid brushing the micro-bead). You do not have to wash them separately and do not need any special soap.

If you do not want clip-ons but also do not want to pay a salon you can also affix feathers to your hair at home with a few simple tools including feathers, a crimp bead (Available at Micheal's for under 5$), wire and pliers. For DIY instructions visit:

So there you have it!! Kesha was one of the first celebs to rock out feather extensions and now they are everywhere!! If you are looking to jazz up your locks then this is the trend for you!! Is this something you would try? Ar feather extensions a "Do" or "Don't? ? Share your opinions!
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