How to manage greasy/oily hair

How to Manage Greasy/oily Hair

Tips for Oily/greasy Hair

How to manage greasy/oily hair
Hair which develops a lank, flat, stringy or oily appearance is often referred to by hairdressers and hair consumers as "greasy" hair. This type of hair needs washed a lot more than normal hair due to the over-production of oil.
This usually happens in teen years due to over producing hormones but can still carry on in adulthood.
Don't know what greasy hair is ?? ( <-- picture over there)

- Try not to wash it very often (eg:everyday). Try to wash it when it gets very greasy to get it very clean so it will last you longer. So for an example if you are planning an event/party in 3 days don't wash your hair untill the night before getting it very clean.
- You can buy many types of shampoo's for oily hair and once you put the shampoo in wash it out straight away.
- Try your best not to use conditioner as this colllects more oil. If you need to use it just use it at the ends of the hair.
-Make sure to wash ALL shampoo/conditioner out of hair
- Shampoo's like head and shoulders or tresemmé can be good
- You should let your hair dry naturally sometimes of leave it to dry for 10 mins and then blowdrying it on a medium heat
-You can also get rollar brushes which can help with oily hair ( as seen in photograph )
- A very good tip to prevent oily hair is to not always touch hair as there is grease on the hands and will make hair greasy so either clip hair over or tie hair back.
-Baby powder or dry shampoo is also a great thing for greasy roots.

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