How to keep you red hair from fading

How to Keep You Red Hair From Fading

Red Alert! How to Maintain Your Hair Color

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1. Suds Up Safely. The cardinal post-coloring rule: "Wait at least two days to wash your hair," Washing right away can cause your hair's outermost layer to lift, allowing the color to seep out.
Try Pravana Color Ensure Shampoo and Conditioner, $15 each.

2. Spring for Dry Shampoo. Cleansing your hair on a daily basis can lead to premature fading, If your hair tends to get oily quickly and you find yourself wanting to wash it every day, use a dry shampoo instead. This helps sop up oil and gives you a little extra time in between washes.
Try Serge Normant dry shampoo with Cedar Bank, $25.

3. Use a UV Protectant. Hair, much like skin, can suffer from sun damage, so it's important to keep it shielded, Spritzing on a UV solution daily to prevent your color fading faster.
Try Pureology EssentialRepair ColourMax UV Hair Colour Defense, $22

4. Go for a Glaze. Stay away from colored shampoos that claim to keep your color looking amazing longer, I've learned they usually end up depositing too much pigment for daily use and can actually change the tone of your hair. Instead every four weeks i go to the salon or i use an at-home glaze to boost vibrancy and shine.
Try John Frieda Luminous Color Glaze Clear Shine, $9.99, which you can find in drugstores everywhere.

5. Conceal Your Roots. We all know that when our true color begins to grow back it isn't pretty, so if it isn't time to hit up the salon, opt for a product that covers your regrowth temporarily.
Try Rita Hazan Root Concealer Touch Up Spray, $24. This spray comes in shades from platinum blonde to red to black and completely covers any signs that your current color isn't the one you were born with.

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The hardest part about getting your hair colored red!! I love it though! Going to try the glaze trick next time I go red! You're totally right about the color deposit shampoos. It's not really the right color, but the Aveda one wasn't bad. This comment has been removed.
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