How To Get Wavy Hair

How to Get Wavy Hair

How to Style Your Hair Wavy

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There’s nothing like a headful of loose, shiny waves to up the glam factor. Wild waves are a classic runway trend, and the look has made an easy transition to the mainstream. Whether you’re going for laid-back and casual, or polished and chic, this hair DO is an easy way to add major sex appeal. How to get wavy hair right this minute? Try on wavy hairstyles in our virtual makeover studio.

Whether you have naturally wavy hair or stick-straight strands, using a curling iron will give you the best results when trying to achieve lasting waves.

To get started, you will need a 11/4 inch curling iron and a thermal styling spray. Mist hair with the thermal spray and let it dry. Divide hair into top and bottom sections, and secure the top portion with a hair clip. Next, take the curling iron and wrap a two-inch section of hair around the barrel. It’s best to hold the curling iron vertically upside down and wrap hair around the barrel, starting at the top and ending at the tip. This will give your better control over the curl. Hold hair in place for about 10 seconds (until you feel the heat) and then simply let the hair fall off of the barrel. Refrain from touching the curls right after curling; allowing them to cool off before styling will secure the shape.

Once the entire bottom section of your hair is curled, loosen the top portion and repeat the process. Remember to let the curls cool (this will help retain the shape of the curl), and then spray hair with a volumizing hairspray. Run your fingers through hair to break up the curls (do not brush!). Use your fingers to create soft waves and add extra lift at the roots.

Get more inspiration from our virtual makeover . Try on bombshell waves a la Kim Kardashian tousled waves like Miley Cyrus or beach waves like Vanessa Hudgens. to see how to curl your hair like a pro? Check out this video below from beauty vlogger nguerriero.

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