How to Get Shiny Hair

How to Get Shiny Hair

Shine Enhancing Tips for Lustrous Hair

How to Get Shiny Hair
Ironically, the things we do to get shiny hair can leave our hair lackluster in the long run. Flat ironing, for instance, yields shiny, sleek hair only temporarily and can cause heat damage long term (dry and brittle hair is generally quite dull). It turns out shiny hair is somewhat of an optical illusion that has to do with the way the light hits—and reflects off— each strand. Dark hair usually appears shinier than light hair (Asian women out-shine blondes any day) and straight hair generally appears shinier than curly hair because the hairs are perfectly aligned to catch the light (this is why women love flat irons). Large, smooth waves look shinier than tight little curls and so on. Here are some healthy tips for shiny hair. Because you can never be too rich or have hair that’s too sleek and shimmery.

To get shiny hair, wash your hair every second or third day and use a brush with natural boar bristles to redistribute the natural oils from your scalp from root to tip. Not only are natural boar bristles less likely to break or damage your hair, they make it appear smoother with less flyaways.

If you simply must wash your hair every day to keep up appearances, try conditioning it first, steering clear of the roots, and follow with a bit of shampoo without rinsing in between. Rinse in one swoop with cold water to close the hair’s cuticle. Blow drying with cold air has a similar effect and is healthier than hot air overall. And ionic dryers are believed to impart more shine and less frizzies thanks to negative ions, which smooth the hair’s cuticle.

To get your hair to shine to its full potential, avoid alcohol-based products (especially mousses) and climates where there is a lot of pollution or humidity. If you are using an alcohol-based shine serum, your shine-boosting efforts are ultimately wasted since it dries out the hair. Opt for a silicone-based smoothing serum or spray to seal the hair’s cuticle and reduce heat damage. --Stephanie Simons


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HAHAHAA, my grandma told me the same thing! I used to do it, but recently I've been using glossing hair products just because it's so much faster. This comment has been removed.
lol my mom always told me that the secret to shiny hair is to brush your hair a hundred times every night before going to bed. i seriously don't have THAT much patience tho lmao... This comment has been removed.
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