How to Get Ombre Hair

How to Get Ombre Hair

Learn All About the Ombre Trend and How to Get the Look

Each season, we see a bevy of hair trends make their way to every stylist’s lists. From cut to color, there is no shortage of things you can do with your hair to reinvent yourself. Want a trendy style that will turn heads? Try ombre hair, a favorite amongst celebrities like Rachel Bilson, Khloe Kardashian, and Drew Barrymore. Keep reading to find out how you can snag the look for yourself.

Ombre hair is literally the demonstration of color gradation on your hair. Simply put, it is a hair coloring technique that features a gradual lightening or darkening of the hair, making the roots a visibly different shade from the ends. The look was first flaunted on the runways, and over time has trickled down to the masses. Depending on the look one is going for, ombre hair can be incredibly dramatic (raven black to platinum blonde), or sumptuously subtle (chocolate brown to cocoa). It can be worn on all hair lengths, though it looks best on medium-to-long hair.

As with any hair color job, I highly recommend seeking a professional’s help. With hair color, there’s a fine line between fatal and fantastic. For the brave at heart, or for those who have never dyed their hair before (untreated hair generally dyes easier), proceed with caution and follow the steps below.

If your hair is blonde/light, simply pick up a box of hair dye in a darker shade. Remember that the greater the contrast between the dye and your natural color, the more noticeable the result will be. Apply the dye to your roots, working your way down to the point where you want the darker color to end (somewhere around ear level is best). Take great care not to let the dye drip down too far, as spotting can occur. Follow the instructions on the box to determine how long to leave dye in, and rinse out when done. Voila! Instant and easy ombre.

If your hair is dark, there are two routes you can go. You can lighten your whole head of hair and then dye your roots darker, or you can apply a lightener to your ends only. Again, be sure to take great care in the application and to follow all instructions.

The type of dye you select is important. For a dramatic effect, select hair dyes that are permanent, as they are the most pigmented and potent. If subtle is the name of your game, go with a semi-permanent option, or a glaze. Keep in mind that the milder options may not show on darker hair, so tailor your applications accordingly.

Get in on the hottest hair trend, with this easy DIY style.

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This was very helpful. I'm getting purple ombre, but my hairdresser hasn't hear of it before, so I'm trying to learn about to let her know so it will look good! What would people recommend for purple ombre? Should I try to fade into it a bit rather than just dark brown then vibrant purple? This comment has been removed.
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