How-To For A Bow Bun

How-To for a Bow Bun

Bow Bun 5 Easy Steps :))))

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Hi, I'm going to do a bow bun i will have pictures :) so its easy there up here ^^^^ there in order the steps are in sorry my hairs messy.
O.k let's start what you'll need is a beret a hair-tie a comb and some bobby pins or clips like 2 or 3.

1. comb all your hair under and top

2. make your hair go into a bun but leave a piece on top

3. split the bun in half!

4. put the piece that you left through the middle try to rap it around the bun if you can't just do this next step!

5. take the piece and hide it behind your bun pin it with the bobby pins and or clips

DONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's how easy it is!!!!!!! :))) bye!
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