How to Deal with Bad Hair Days

How to Deal With Bad Hair Days

Tips on How to Get Your Hair Under Control

We’ve all had our share of those dreadful days: when you wake up in the morning realizing you’re late, only to be met with horrifically unmanageable hair. Not only are you aghast at how your hair just doesn’t seem to cooperate, the more you do to try and fix it, the worse it gets. I’ve definitely had my share of these awful days. But fear not, you don’t have to be a passive victim of these dreadful hair days! Keep reading to learn about the tips on how you can get your hair under control and presentable in no time at all.

Typically, my first go-to when I’m confounded with monstrous hair is a hat of some sort. Berets can be cute way to cover up unruly hair, as well as wide brimmed hats, straw hats, knitted hats (those cute beanies with the pom-pom during the winter time!), etc. Just don one on, and you won’t have to lift a single finger to fix your hair style.

Usually, my next go-to when I wake up with frizzy or extra poofy hair (which I’ll admit I usually get when I go to sleep with my hair slightly damp) is a non-shine hair spray. I sprits it about 4-inches away and all over my hair, run my hands through to make sure the product’s evenly distributed, and then pat down the frizzies. This work pretty well in getting all that extra unwanted volume and flyways smoothed down.

Another way I like to get unmanageable hair under control is to pull it into a loose side braid. Loose side braids look put-together and effortless all at the same time, and no one can tell if you have a bad hair day once your hair is pulled into a side braid. It’s my favorite look since it looks flattering with just about any outfit, and can be done in literally less than a minute!

What do you all do to deal with uncooperative, unruly hair?

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