How To Cut Your Own Scene Hair

How to Cut Your Own Scene Hair

Save Money and Disappointment at the salon..Cut Your Own &Quot;scene" Hair With These Tips...

Scene Hair Cut
Scene Hair
Oftentimes people leave the salon disappointed because many hairdressers aren't familiar with scene hair, therefore they do not get the cut right. So, why not save yourself some cash and ensure you get what you want by layering and cutting your hair at home. There are a few basic elements to scene haircuts: Short, choppy layers on top, long bottom layers, razored ends and a fringe (or side bang). It is actually quite simple to accomplish a scene haircut at home with just a few everyday items...

You will need:

Scissors (Haircutting scissors are preferable but not a necessity)
A Disposable Razor (Yes, the kind you shave your legs with)
Two Mirrors (One on the wall and one to use with the other mirror to see the back of your head)
A Rat Tail Comb
Hair elastics and/or Clips (To section off hair and clip pieces out of the way)

How To Cut Scene Hair:

1) First off all you may want to straighten your hair if it isn't already straight to make it easier to cut and see where your layers will fall to.

2) Using the tail of the comb, separate the hair at the top of your head where your short layers will be and clip or tie them up out of the way. We will be razoring the bottom, longest layer first. Working with about 1/2 to 1 inch strands of hair, starting at your root, lightly run the razor along the length of your hair. (The blades should be traveling in the same direction as your hair grows). This will thin the hair out. Continue doing this for the whole bottom layer, working your way from one temple all the way around to the other side. When you are done put the bottom layer in a low pony to keep it out of the way.

3) Using the tail of the comb make a part where you want your fringe (side bangs) to start and clip them down and out of the way. Scene bangs usually start further back then normal bangs.

4) Starting at the very top of your head, use the tail of the comb to part your hair in the middle then starting at one side pull a one to two inch section of hair through your fingers, straight up until you reach the point where you want to cut your shortest layer. (If you have never cut hair before it may be a good idea to keep your first layer no shorter then the top of your ear, or else it may stick straight up). Cut away the hair on the other side of your finger, cutting INTO the hair on a slight angle.

5) Repeat on the other side pulling it up with some of the hair you already cut to get it even on both sides.

6) Work your way down, making each layer a tiny bit longer then the one before it. Blend the layers into each other and remember not to cut straight across, but tiny snips into the hair.

7) When you reach your final top layer cut down, diagonally to blend it with your bottom layer.

8) Now start back at the top where you cut your first layer and GENTLY run the razor along it all strand by strand until you have razored the entire top layers as well. This will not only thin it out but will also help to better blend the layers.

9) Let down the hair you sectioned off for your bangs. Cut down diagonally to create bangs that sweep across one eye. Starting At the part, run the razor along the length of your bangs to layer them.

10) Style by either straightening all of your hair or if you want curly scene hair just straighten your fringe. Working in 1-2 inch sections, pull the short layers up, mist with hairspray and back comb. Do this until all of your short layers are teased then smooth them down, blast with hairspray to set. You can add a cute bow, headband or barrette to accessorize or see my tutorial on how to do a scene ponytail. Enjoy!!

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