healthy hair....!!

Healthy Hair....!!

10 Tips for Healthy Hair

1. Wash, dry and gently comb: hair rub hard when washing does not do any good. Treat it with care, gently massaging with fingertips all over the scalp to remove grease, sweat and grime. All hair types need a conditioner and weekly moisturizing treatment. Desenrédalo carefully so it will not break, if possible do it in the shower with conditioner and put fingers instead of a comb. Rinse is key to bring you brightness, do it with cold water. To dry, just wrap it in a towel to absorb excess moisture.

Two. Become a good cut: Do not go to the salon only in extreme cases, cut the ends every two months so it does not open and the hair to grow more strongly.

Three. Give brighter: Apply one of these two magnificent natural masks. Wash your hair, removes excess water, aplícale condensed milk, leave on 10 minutes, then rinse and pásale over an ice cube. Another option: the hair aplícale wheat germ oil, leave it overnight and wash it the next morning, and aplícale a splash of apple cider vinegar.

April. Destroy excess fat: Fat Counter by washing with a little yeast mixed with shampoo, rinsing with lemon juice.

May. Say goodbye to dry: Still caused by dyes, a good natural remedy is to apply yourself a mixture of two egg yolks, a teaspoon of rum and other castor oil, leave on 10 minutes and rinse.

June. Boasts dark: So as chamomile lightens hair blonde, dark brown hair rosemary. Boil for five minutes a handful of fresh rosemary leaves in water. Empty this tea in a spray bottle and store in the fridge, sprinkle on the hair and wash and go dark. If you want red highlights, rocíate red tea infusion.

July. Destroy dandruff: The fight dandruff shampoos multiply their effects if you combine with parsley. Water Boil half cup of fresh parsley leaves and when cool the infusion, use it to give the last rinse on the scalp after washing hair.

August. Keep your curls under control: Taming curly hair should not be a torment. To define its natural form, apply egg white on your hair and wrap in foil. Use conditioner to see better results.

9. Give volume: If you're looking to flesh out your hair straight, while washing with foam rub hair shampoo from roots to ends. Then dry it with hot air head first down and then strand by strand, below, with a round brush.

10. Tinelo healthy: Keep your color in perfect condition, applying yourself a mixture of almond oil, cinnamon oil and a squeeze of lemon.
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