Have dry dull hair? I've got the solution for…

Have Dry Dull Hair? I've Got the Solution for You!

Peter Coppola Keratin Treatment

This gel based product is Formaldehyde free, unlike other straightening treatments. The Coppola Keratin Treatment does contain a small amount of an organic aldehyde compound though, which has the same effect. This makes this product less irritating and noxious to most. After application on the hair, you will need to keep it moisture free and straight for 72 hours.

Other straightening methods such as the Brazilian Blowout or the Japanese Straighteners are well known for the same thing. The Japanese method is more costly, and uses more chemicals but last longer. The blowout will not last as long as Coppola Keratin Treatment, but does the job.

Some solutions will not last as long, and it becomes noticeable when the untreated hair starts to grow out. This is not an issue with the Coppola Keratin Treatment. Women desire silky smooth locks and this method delivers! While it is not an actual u201cstraighteneru201d, it will kill the frizzy dry look, and it does calm the curls for at least 4-6 months time, with minimal upkeep.

The first step is shampooing the hair with a clarifying shampoo, then lightly blow dry. The Keratin Complex treatment is then applied to the hair with a brush, much like hair dye, and combed through. A plastic cap is placed over the hair and the treatment must set for about twenty minutes. After setting, the hair is blow dried again and then flat ironed to u201csetu201d the hair. Once the hair is treated, it needs to remain straight and dry for 72 hours.

Prices vary by salon, but you can also find great deals online for Coppola Keratin Treatment and other Keratin Smoothing Products. Those with medium length hair can expect to get 2 rounds of treatment.

Aftercare Instructions.
Get your hair cut after the Coppola Keratin Treatment, but colored before. If you do need color after the infusion, wait about 2 weeks to do it so you do not diminish the effect.

Keep hair completely dry and straight for 72 hours. No ponytails, clips or bobby pins ladies! Also, if you do accidentally get hair wet, please blow dry and flat iron it ASAP.

Use sodium chloride free shampoos and conditioners, like the Keratin Complex Shampoo + Conditioner Duo. Also, there are deep conditioners to keep the texture. You should also wear a cap when swimming in pools or the ocean.

For upkeep of the Coppola Keratin Treatment, there are many keratin based products to use that are designed to help your hair treatment last. Coppola has created shampoos, conditioners, daily moisturizing solutions and other items to make it easy for you to maintain the results.

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