Hairstyles for Summer

Hairstyles for Summer

Learn How to Get the Hottest Summer Hairstyles

When temperatures and humidity rise, the last thing you are going to want to deal with is frizzy, fly-away hair on your neck. When it comes to summer hairstyling, not just any old style will do. This post is all about quick and easy hair fixes that you can incorporate into your routine any hot day of the week.

High Bun

Emerging as a clear favorite amongst stylish gals everywhere, the high bun is as easy to execute as it is to wear. A modern take on an old classic, this look instantly adds polish. With the high bun, frizzy hair can be tucked up neatly, keeping stray strands away from the face. Ever better, the high bun can be executed on wet or dry hair.

To get this chic hairdo, start by brushing hair up, back, and away from the face. As a rule, the higher your bun is, the more modern it will look. Smooth your hair with a wet brush and a bit of hairspray before securing with an elastic. Then, simply twist the section clockwise and secure with a pin. For extra pizzazz, add a fun, brightly patterned headband to mix things up.

Fishtail Braid

Another clear favorite, as far as hair trends are concerned, the fishtail braid is a classic style that keeps hair away from the face. First, divide your hair into two even sections. Next, grab a piece of hair about 1/4 of an inch thick from the outside of the right section, pull it over the right section, and add it to the underside of the left section. Then, take the outermost 1/4 inch piece of hair on the left side, pull it over the left side, and add it to the underside of the right section. Repeat this process until you have braided the entire length of your hair, and then secure the end with an elastic. The beauty of this braid is that it can be loose and messy, or prim and tight, whichever you prefer.

Loose, Beachy Hair

When all else fails, embrace the bedhead. Of course we aren't calling it bedhead here; rather, we are calling this look the beachy wave. Worn by surfer girls and California babes alike, the beachy wave is as cool as it is effortless. Even better, the only tools you will really need to get this style are a texturizing spray and your handy dandy blow dryer.

Start with semi-damp hair, and apply a liberal dose of your favorite texturizing spray. Then, with the diffuser set on your hairdryer, proceed to fully dry your hair, using your fingers to add more texture where needed. Once your hair is dry, set with more texture spray and you are done.

Your hair need not suffer when the temperatures rise. Try one of these easy summer hairstyles, today.

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Thanks so much for explaining the fishtail braid! love that look! This comment has been removed.
omg! ur a life saver a high bun totaly dose the trick know i just have to learn how to do it my self. This comment has been removed.
I'm all about the loose, beachy hair! I have Fekaii Ocean Spray for hair and it's perfect for that wavy look! Love the high bun wear that look very well! This comment has been removed.
Love them all! Only thing I gotta learn how to fishtail braid! This comment has been removed.
Yes, the high bun is typically my go to. I think it's simple and elegant. Not to mention easy! This comment has been removed.
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