Elegant French Braid Updo with a Vintage Feel

Elegant French Braid Updo With a Vintage Feel

How to Get an Elegant French Braid Updo

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This updo has a bit of a vintage feel to it, yet it can be worn anytime you like. If you have a formal event, or just want to do something nice with your hair for that special dinner, this is a good style to try! With these step-by-step instructions, it is quite easy to achieve.

Suitability: this style works best on long hair, with fine- to-medium texture.

To achieve the look, you will need: pomade, hairspray, comb, brush, bobby pins, and small elastics (either clear or match to hair)
Step 1: Brush hair. Start with a side part, and add pomade to control flyaways.
Step 2: Starting at the top corner of the forehead, on the side with the most hair, create a regular French braid, loosely curving around the head as you braid. Stop right by the ear on the opposite side you started on and continue braiding the tail.
Step 3: Loosen the braid slightly, and then secure the end with an elastic.
Step 4: Swirl braid up and around to form a flower illusion.
Step 5: Pull pieces loose as needed to create more of a flower look. Pin hair in place and hairspray.

Model: Samantha
Photographer: Ashley Cox with Nine23 Photography

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Wow did you do this one too! Thanks for sharing! I need to practice my braiding. Thanks for the step-by-step guide! This comment has been removed.
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