Cute Hairstyles and Hair Tips for Natural…

Cute Hairstyles and Hair Tips for Natural African-American Hair. ≪3 ≪3

Tired of Doing Things on YouTube That Aren't Safe for Your Hair-Type? Then This Is for You!

braided Side-Pony
1.Go Braided!
Tired of having your hair down, or curly all the time? Braiding your hair is a unique and beautiful trend that requires no heat, or damaging chemicals. Try adding micro-braids to your hair and leave your ends down and curly for a unique look!

2. Try out Dramatic Curls!
Curly hair is a sexy, and popular trend that you can find almost everywhere! Most people use a curling rod to give big, glamorous waves. However, too much heat could dry out our hair-type more than it is, causing it to get brittle and break. Instead, try braiding all around damp hair and let it stay overnight, then loose it out in the morning. Or to 10+ Bantu Knots around your hair. What's a Bantu Knot? Go here:

3. Stylish Updos for Natural hair
Look fabulous in a ponytail that shows off your beauty! Try out a simple bun that takes seconds to do! Whatever the updo, it's always okay to go messy and still look amazing!

4.Love your Hair!
Lastly, God blessed you with your hair type! Embrace it! Over-using heat can cause your hair type to break because it is dryer than other type of hair. Speaking of, 'Loving your Hair', check out how cute this is!

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