ColourB4 hair dye remover. PLUS a few extra tips and…

ColourB4 Hair Dye Remover. PLUS a Few Extra Tips and Tricks to Fade Hair Dye.

A Review on the ColourB4 Hair Dye Remover EXTRA, and Other Natural Ways to Fade Hair Dye.

This product does not contail BLEACH or AMONIA

Okay, so we all like to change from colour to colour of our hair sometimes, and it's deffinitley alot easier to go darker but it's not as easy to go lighter. Well the product i'm about to review claims it can do that. I gave it a try and these are my results.

(Abit of a long story now hehe)
I used to be really light blonde (dyed obviously) not quite platinum but light, and for some strange reason i wanted to dye it black. So i took up the courage and went to Boots (a drugstore in the UK) and scanned the isle for black hair dyes. I thought instead of dying it perminant i would get a semi-perminant colour so it would fade out quicker. Anyway i dyed it i bought a darker foundation and i rocked the look. Then a few weeks later the dye was coming out and it was going abit grey/blue toned, so i bought another box then it happened again a few weeks later then i decided to get a PERMINANT colour which had blue highlights. Of course the blue highlight faded so did the black so i dyed it again. So four boxes of black dye later i wanted to go lighter and slowly go back blonde. Which brings me to the hair dye remover, ColourB4.

Before i used the ColourB4, i used some natural home made remedies.

-Baking Soda.
1x Baking soda and 2x anti dandruff shampoo (Head and Shoulders)
This made my hair lighter but didnt really have a huge effect. Plus it made my hair a little luggy and takes a while to get all of the baking soda out.

-VitaminC Tablets.
Crush up the tablets according to how thick or long your hair is until a fine powder. Add this to 2x part anti dandruff shampoo in a bowl and mix until a fine paste, add to damp hair, leave on for an hour or two and wrap with clingfilm. This had a better effect than the baking soda.

-Washing up liquid.
Use in the shower just like a shampoo, then condition afterwards. Don't do this more than twice a week as it can really dry out your hair. Works the best though.

I have quite thick hair so i used two boxes of the ColourB4 five days apart. The first time it went a coppery bronze colour and the second time it went alot lighter.

What's Bad?
-It has a really nasty smell of egg which can linger around the house, so make sure you open a windw to get rid of the smell.
-It does'nt always remove the dye, depending on your hair type and how much colour build up you have. (This product does not contain bleach or amonia)
-Depending on where you have colour build up, it will take away some parts of the hair dye better than others. If this does happen you can use some of the natural home remdy tips in the small areas.

What's Good?
-You can dye your hair straight after you have used this product.
-It does'nt contain bleach or amonia, therefore your hair will not be damaged.
-If you it is succesfull, i will bring out alot of the colour and sometimes to your advantage will make a loveley auburn colour that is possible to dye ashy blondes over the top or have blonde highlights.
-Its a quick process if you're wanting to bleach your hair blonde.

I deffinitley reccomend this product if you can get hold of it. It works a treat. If your hair is dyed red or medium to light shades of brown you might just need the ColourB4 regular. It retails from about £8.99 to £11.00. If you are not satisfied with the results you can dye it 1 shade darker back to the colour you had before. It isnt 100% garunteed to take you back to your natural colour but it will be close. Hope this helped and let me know if you have tried it and tell me your results :)

The first photo was before the first application and the second photo shows the results after the second application. Appologies for the scribbled out face haha it was'nt a good look!
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