Cheap Shampoo VS Expensive Shampoo

Cheap Shampoo VS Expensive Shampoo

Is There Legitimately a Difference?

My answer: YES.

This past Christmas, my Grandma got me the Silky Sexy Hair shampoo/conditioner. Previous to this, I have used Suave, Pantene and Garnier Fructis. The Suave Humectant shampoo/conditioner is remarkable, along with any Pantene.

After using the Silky Sexy Hair, I noticed a few things.

-Shiny hair immediately after I stepped out of the shower
-Smelled AMAZING
-Easy to comb through my hair after using it
-My hair looks more shiny that it has with any other shampoo/conditioner
-My hair was shiny without using a lot of shampoo/conditioner, normally I use a lot of cheap conditioner to get my hair shiny
-Different hair texture. Kind of a rough texture
-Overall, my hair LOOKS silky, it does not FEEL that silky in my opinion

I give it 8/10...It made my hair really shiny and made it easy to comb through.

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I feel like when it comes to conditioner yes salon brands make a difference. However, depending on your shampoo needs, some can get away with Pantene, Garnier and so on. Thanks for sharing about the Silky Sexy Hair brand!! I love trying new products out! This comment has been removed.
cool! if only I could find it here in Greece..! I use Pantene as well, it's good :) I also tried fructis but I didn't like it. it made my hair oily.. This comment has been removed.
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