Braids with a Twist

Braids With a Twist

How to Achieve a Different Kind of Braided Updo

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If you have a hair show to attend, or are in a fashion or runway show, try this style to keep heads turning! This style is much easier to achieve than it looks, I promise! It just involves some basic knots and a little braiding—and the rest is up to you. This style looks much better when created with damp hair, to help keep the flyaways down (I learned this the hard way).

Suitability: this hairstyle works best on long hair, with fine-to-medium texture.

To achieve this look, you will need: pomade, hairspray, brush, comb, alligator clips, bobby pins, and small elastics (either clear or match to hair)

Step 1: Brush hair. Start by parting off a section from ear to ear (behind the ear all the way across the head). Part where desired. Although off to one side is better for this look, the side you choose does not make a difference unless there is a cow lick. In this instance, go with the cowlick, and part on the opposite side of it, do not go against the hair. Secure the rest of the hair back and use a pomade to help control flyaways.
Step 2: Starting on the side with the least amount of hair, part about a 1/4 inch horizontal section, separate it into two pieces, and tie a basic knot. Continue this two more times, moving down toward the ear.
Step 3: On the fourth knot (and from this point on), you will add in top two strands (from both sides) of the knots and continue tying knots all the way down to the ear. Finish the remaining hair with a regular braid, and secure with an elastic.
Step 4: On the other side of the head, repeat the process, except only add strands from the back of the head into the fourth (and so on) knots. Leave the strands closest to the forehead hanging down by the face (while you’re knotting, these strands can be held out of the face with an alligator clip.)
Step 5: Continue last step until you reach the ear. When finished with the knots, take the pieces that were pinned back from the face and braid them, making the braid go down diagonally toward the ear. Combine that hair with the remaining hair from the knots on the other side to create a regular loose braid.
Step 6: Loosely braid the remaining hair in the back into one braid, and then pull random pieces from the braid loose, to create texture.
Step 7: Twist the braids up and pin as desired.

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