Take Care of Your Colored Hair

Take Care of Your Colored Hair

Ten Tips for Your Colored Hair

take care of your hair
When you choose permanent hair color to give a new look to your hair, then you should take care of your colored hair sincerely and seriously to have a longer lasting effects on your beautifully colored hair. Prem Henna has brought to you highly filtered and effective tips for your colored hair. Here we go:
1. Follow the instructions mentioned on the hair color product.
2. Avoid exposing your colored hair to sunlight.
3. If urgent, then wear some suitable headgear before stepping out in sunlight.
4. You may use hair preparations with effective.
5. Refrain from washing hair too frequently as it will faster color fading.
6. Hair coloring, particularly products with ammonia or peroxide may dry out hair follicles, so after getting your hair colored, use a shampoo and conditioner that are designed for color treated hair.
7. Hair care cosmetics with moisturizing features should therefore be preferred for post-coloring hair care.
8. Permanent hair colors can easily lighten your locks as this type of hair preparations contain such harsh chemicals as ammonia and/or peroxide that remove natural hair pigments and instills new hair color.
9. Refrain from coloring hair frequently; wait until you spot fading of hair color.
10. Always dry shampooed hair gently using a soft towel. This will further increase the life of color on your hair.
So next time when you are coloring your hair, buy ammonia free hair color and choose from the best hair color brand like Nisha Quick Color, Nisha Color Sure or Henna for hair product. These highly demanded hair color products are produced by Prem Henna Private Limited, a reputed henna manufacturer in India. Prem Henna is a leading henna manufacturer in India.
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