Everything you should know about vegan hair dye

Everything You Should Know About Vegan Hair Dye
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If you have decided to color your hair, well you are one step ahead from those who are still resisting from giving a dashing hue to their hair. Before jumping into any genre of hair color, have a brief survey about the available brands and types of products.
As more than one-third of women and one in ten men regularly dye their hair. British officials estimate the sale of home hair dye kits alone amounts to some 321 million annually, a figure that is expected to only rise as the population ages. The Indian hair color market is worth Rs 1800 crores and has witnessed a growth of 15-20% every year in the last decade. One of the largest segments is powder hair color or hair dye which due to its ease of use consists of 45-50% of the market and is growing at 15%. Creme forms 25% due to its higher price point, but growing faster at 20% while Beauty salons are growing almost at the rate of 30-40% in the last few years. With a penetration level of 36%, the market offers huge opportunities for growth. We are sharing here few point about vegan hair dye or vegan hair color for your ready reference.
Vegan hair colors as the name indicate are derived from vegetable sources are developed organically or derived from innocuous sources. These hair colors are developed without harmful chemicals like ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, PDP or other similar chemicals.
There is a growing acceptance of hair colors among people regardless of gender. There must me some criterion before saying yes to hair color as there are various harmful chemicals which may damage your hair.
Luckily, there are several different hair color options that have been formulated from natural materials. The best example is of Henna for Hair, a concept of Prem Henna Private Limited
Based on type of product you are using, you may get temporary, semi-permanent, or permanent dye. Henna is world’s oldest dye and naturally if it oldest then it has to be fully organic and safe. Henna for hair coats color around hair without going deep into the hair, like few other dye.
Prem Henna Private Limited is in Henna business since 1930. Company is manufacturing 100 % pure henna powder from henna leaves, cultivated and harvested in most gentle manner. Henna for hair is specially produced for those who want to color their hair without compromising with their look and beauty.
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