6 tricks to fix your hair


6 Tricks to Fix Your Hair :

Stop "understand" your hair at all? When hair gets to be degraded, dull, with split ends and color removed, it is clear that you have struggled too much ...

Often permanent color paints, chemicals used for stripping, frequent use of hairdryer, curling iron or hair while destroying your board. With little investment and little effort you can bring to life.

Softener - rule number 1

The first and most important step to healthy hair is conditioner. If you skip it, otherwise you have little chance to succeed. Even if your hair is already damaged, conditioner forms a protective film around the hair and prevent the further degradation. Can not recover fully, but at least provide an "armor".

Tunde you more often

If damaged hair, the tips are often the worst condition. Are often split and break, which looks awful on the other hand, you feel that your hair stops growing! Cut your tips for your hair frequently to regenerate.

Serum peaks

A peak serum helps protect and not pass through the experience of split hairs. It protects the exposed area to prevent hair damage.

Heat treatment reduced

During your hair care is required to give the hairdryer, plate, thermal curling or styling brush. Let your hair dry naturally whenever you get a chance and avoid heat styling. Also, do not use high temperatures to wet hair because it will lead to rapid deterioration of the hair.

Blocked water actually boils hair when using curling iron plate or wet hair and lead to the explosion released microvaporii cuticle, the protective layer of hair.

Regeneration Mask

Once or twice a week, apply a mask specially designed for damaged hair. It will play your hair shine and will offer more resistance. Be careful not to apply the mask and root for your hair get fat so quickly.

Paint it right

You hair wavy or curly and avoid being combed? It is a mistake that can cost you hair health. At the root hair is secreted sebum, an oily protective substance that puts every hair.

By brushing, natural conditioner evenly all over the hair to the tips. If you have wavy or curly hair and you can not even leave the house if you brush, you can do this evening, before bedtime, or before you wash the head. Also, a brush with natural bristles help keep the hair health, compared with a synthetic.
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