5 Tips to defend your hair from sun


5 Tips to Defend Your Hair From Sun :

A shiny and full of health even in summer, hot weather? Yes it can! But this requires extreme care in the hair care that you care so much. Otherwise the hair will degrade or even break, peaks will split, and the color will lose its luster. In order not to get here, it is sufficient to consider the 5 tips below.

A. Use protective oil

Before going on the beach, you get the sun protection cream, is not it? They must proceed exactly as in the case of hair. Use a protective oil to prevent drying and damage hair. And after bathing, apply a conditioner reaparatorie acting. Can you give your hair even with sunscreen cream that you give the body (with SPF 15!). Avoid products containing alcohol are. And another thing: not sunbathe between 11 and 16. Jump only morning and evening, more cool.

Two. Tunde you less

Shorter hair is much easier to care for summer. But that does not mean you have to mow "toothbrush." ​​Just him your tips, or to collect it as often in a loop (after you have treated hair with a conditioner). The less exposed hair the sun so it will have less to suffer. Therefore, it's time to come out your creativity in hairdressing. Get your hair in various forms, make a loop, it blends or simply raise it in a queue with an ordinary elastic. If you want Musa cut short and long hair, turn to extensions.

Three. Do not forget the hat!

Likely to have healthy hair and after last summer are much higher this time if you wear a hat on his head, a scarf or hat. After all, are clothing items that bring a splash of color and, well chosen, you can highlight the beauty. And if you have colored hair and you want to swim, you should wear a helmet. Sea salt dries out hair and color pigments.

Four. Eat Healthy!

Recommendation seems trivial, but is extremely important. Food should be an easy one, which should not be missing fruits and vegetables. Fried foods and rântaşurile are prohibited. Is useful even a course of vitamins two to three weeks before the summer holidays. And great care to moisture!

Five. Attention to colored hair!

Today, the cosmetics market there are many special products to protect colored hair. Just choose some suitable for your hair, so to protect him against the environmental aggressions. Specialists say that cosmetic products shown are those containing high UV filters. They also stresses that dyed hair is essential to use special protection products both before and during and after sun exposure. It's shampoos and conditioners that have sunscreen, special spray with UV filters, conditioners and masks aftersun.
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