5 Hair Colour Combos For My New Emo Look

5 Hair Colour Combos for My New Emo Look
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Have you got a new emo hairdo? Do you now want to play around with some color and surprise? The emo hairstyle is known for its medium length cut with razor sharp shears, asymmetric fringes, and wispy ends. The ‘emos’ like to keep to themselves instead of testing unchartered waters. They wear their feelings on their sleeve and their hair. If you are one such person, then go ahead and get some color in your hair, and your life:

1. Blonde: Remember Avril Lavigne on the cover of ‘The Best Damn Thing’? Remember her blonde hair with pink highlights? I bet when you saw that look, you though to yourself that you can pull it off. Trust me, you can. Everyone knows the stereotypes linked to blondes, and its time you broke them. Blonde is a brilliant color that goes well with black or brown hair. You can use it for highlighting or just go with an entirely blonde emo hairstyle. It is a great change, and you could do with some.

2. Jet Black: Jet black emo hair with wispy ends is the most popular style that has been around for some time now. If you want to keep everyone guessing about the secrets you hide, the jet black color is best suited. It accentuates the gothic aura along with the mystery around your personality. You can never go wrong with black. Black is also the best color that reflects a brooding and isolated persona that might be your current state of mind.

3. Blue: Are you lonesome and blue? Are you unable to express it? Well, you could use your hair as a medium for expression. You can take your pick from a range of icy blue, sky blue to bright cobalt blue. Blue is not a very commonly worn color. It does not, however, mean that it is not a great color to wear in your hair. It does not have the shock volume as does the color pink, but it will ensure that you make heads turn. Blue is a soothing color that helps calm you down. So, wear blue as your new emo look and forget about your worries.

4. Pink: If you are looking for a color that will reflect surprise, you could try any shade of pink. Ranging from candy floss to hot pink, this is one color that is bound to make you stand out. You can be a brunette, blonde or have black hair, pink works out a great combination with all. You can color the entire length of your hair, or maybe only some portion to add more dramatic effect.

5. Rainbow: Are you over the moon with the way things have panned out in your life? Or better, are you over the rainbow? You need to express yourself! Go the entire stretch and do something beautiful with your hair. If you want to make a statement, you cannot do it better without getting all the seven colors in your hair. It might be a little crazy and over the top, but it is the best way to dazzle people and yourself.

You can keep changing your hair color suiting your mood. Also, since you have decided on coloring your hair, make sure you follow a good hair care routine before and after the coloring. Hair color contains harmful chemicals and can cause harm to the texture as well as the health of your hair. However, a little ‘color’ can do no harm. So, start making your color choice, paint the town and you hair!

Author Bio: Karishma Sehgal

Being an ardent fashion, beauty and lifestyle enthusiast, I have contributed to a number of popular lifestyle magazines and blogs. My writings are mostly targeted towards young women on a budget who enjoy the art of looking good. Follow me on my new blog( and Twitter(@tiny_whiny)!!

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