4 Ways to Style Hair from a Ponytail

4 Ways to Style Hair From a Ponytail

Start With a Ponytail, Get 4 Styles

When my hair gets too long and thick and needs a cut, I end up not wanting to do anything with it. This means that it usually comes back into a ponytail. The good news is that it's easy to make it look sleek without a lot of work. All you need for a chic pony is a paddle brush, hair band, and anti-frizz serum.

First look: Pull the hair back in a high, tight ponytail or a loose, low one. After securing with a hair band, pull a strand loose to wrap around the ponytail to hide the band. If I can't get a perfectly smooth ponytail, I lightly pull my brush through my hair near the crown. This will help smooth things out and will add a little lift as well.

Second look: If a plain pony is not what you're wanting, then add a thick braid. I suggest the braid for a higher ponytail and a plain plait or a fishtail braid would both look good.

Third look: Pick out four or five hair bands and section out the ponytail by evenly spacing out the hair bands throughout the ponytail. This look is an easy go to if your hair is being a little unruly. When my hair gets too thick, it's a little harder to tame. This look is perfect for such a situation.

Fourth look: Wrap your ponytail in a bun. For hair as thick as mine, a loose bun looks better and is easier to secure with bobby pins. You can also take a braided ponytail and wrap it around in a bun to create another subtle difference to the look.

All four hairstyles are simple, but not to be mistaken for plain. There's enough of a difference to each style to make it look like you've taken time to do your hair when really you might just be waiting until your next haircut like I am. However, the "in-between" time can still be stylish even if it is simple.

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