3 Ways to Wear a Headband

3 Ways to Wear a Headband

Having Fun With Headbands

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I have a whole drawer full of headbands. I have skinny ones, thick ones, cotton ones and metal ones. They are of every color and fabric and they are a fun accessory that you can wear virtually anywhere. If you feel headbands aren’t for you, I have a few ideas for you that might help change your mind.

Cotton stretch headbands. I have several of these wider headbands to wear to the gym. They are a stylish way to keep hair out of the face and sweat out of the eyes. I also use them to wash my face or when I apply cleansing masks. These are the types of headbands that go all the way around your head. The skinnier versions are cute to wear with a ponytail just for a casual look for a weekend running errands or hanging out outside.

Thick, fabric headbands. These can be trickier to wear just because you have to find the right one that will fit your head comfortably. You can wear these a couple of ways: either with your hair all the way slicked back as an added accessory or you can wear it with a few pieces of hair coming down in the front to frame the face. Depending on the different patterns you get, you can up the style of any outfit simply by what you wear on your head.

Embellished headbands. From jewels to feathers to flowers, there is no limit to the different embellishments that can be added to headbands to make them look cool or flirty or romantic. You can typically by new trends at Charlotte Russe or New York & Company at an inexpensive price. It’s fun to dress up your outfit with a hair accessory. It’s simple, but adds just the right fancy element.

Are you a fan of headbands?

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