Winter Layers: Jewelry Edition

Winter Layers: Jewelry Edition
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Layering doesn't have to be left to clothing alone this winter; it can be a great look for jewelry too. Whether you are a fan of big, bold necklaces or a thin armful of bangles, layering looks great on anyone.

For necklaces I would choose one statement necklace that has built-in layering with different lengths or different beads or stones. You can also choose separate necklaces that look good together. Examples would be different colors and lengths of faux pearls, different thickness of longer necklaces with smaller beads, or totally different necklaces with one common color. Also, thin, delicate chains look pretty and feminine when layered together.

For bracelets try an armful of colorful bangles. You can also pair a trendy cuff bracelet with smaller add-on bracelets. When you're layering make sure all your bracelets have something in common. Whether it is color or a mixture of metallics just make sure not to go overboard and layer both necklaces and bracelets at the same time.

What do you think of the layering look for jewelry? I like how it can dress up a plain tee and jeans or a LBD. It can add instant style to any outfit in a quick and inexpensive way.

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