Why Fashion Horoscopes Work (and Don't)

Why Fashion Horoscopes Work (And Don't)

The Thoery of Connected Cycles

The Inner Me
I've never done public horoscopes or readings before and was surprised when I felt a strong pull towards doing them here. In general I have two problems with public horoscopes: 1) they can't take your many cycles into account and 2) you don't get to read the individual. These reasons are true here too, so you always need to use your own inner voice to help you get a feel for whether or not the advice is for you that day.

Over the years I've come to understand a lot about how and why horoscopes are wrong (or right). The first thing to understand is that all of us are affected by spiritual cycles that connect us and influence us. Over time our lives are pulled and connected and disconnected from these cycles. The powerful lunar and solar cycles always have some influence, but as we grow and connect deeply to others we can, at times, be pulled into their cycles and rhythms. For example, if I was reading a woman married for 30 years to the same man, I would try to feel how much influence his cycles are having (she might just as well have pulled him into hers). In some cases, she would be better reading his horoscope than her own.

No man (or woman) is an island. The spiritual bonds between people create their own forces and it is these forces that seep into the deep recesses of our hearts and influence our own personal path.

Because of this I like to tell people to be careful when reading a horoscope. Fortunately, this is a fashion horoscope, so there is less chance that if you take advice not really meant for you that anything bad will happen. Still, if you want to know if a horoscope is really for you, after you read it close your eyes and calm your mind. If your heart feels free and the words feel right then that's a good sign.

Since I have these concerns, you may wonder why I am writing this at all. I honestly can't say. When my heart tells me to do something I do it. I can only guess that something I say will come at just the right place and just the right time to help someone. Often even one positive act is enough to guide your essence. I can only pray that this is the case.

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