Which is one your favorite?

Which Is One Your Favorite?


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Now that the spring season is well under way, it’s about high time that we start busting out those shoes for the warm weather. As much as I love wearing boots, spring is my favorite time of the year…because it means it’s finally warm enough for me to wear sandals out everyday! Here are some of my favorite sandal styles…which one is your favorite?

Wedge sandals
Wedge sandals are my personal favorite. The look so absolutely darling when paired with the right day dress. The offer height (which I can’t complain about), make your legs look like they go on for miles, are comfortable due to the raised platform, and are super cute without looking like you tried too hard. A girl can never get enough wedge sandals!

Thong sandals
Thong sandals are perfect for walking around during the day. They offer comfort and ease of walking long distances…and after a while, you don’t even realize you have these shoes on! I really like the one in the photo, since it looks like it goes with just about everything!

Heel sandals
Heel sandals offer just the slightest height at the heels. In terms of comfort, they come before wedge sandals, and just a bit behind thong sandals. I like them because they’re slightly more dressy than thong sandals…so if you’re going on a date, they’re the perfect shoes to go with that sundress!

Beach sandals
Beach sandals offer ultimate comfort for the feet. You wear them to the beach, walk around on the shoreline, lounge in the beach chair, toss off your beach sandals and forget about them. I love the design of these sandals by Tory Burch!

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Love the wedges for when I'm dressing up...Otherwise, the heel wedges are super cute dressed up or down This comment has been removed.
the first are really gorgeous♥ This comment has been removed.
First pair are so adorable! Love gingham and espadrille! This comment has been removed.
the first one:) This comment has been removed.
Beach sandals are my favorite, just do for comfort. I'd walk around barefoot all the time i i could though. Those wedges are really cool though. This comment has been removed.
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