What to Wear to Your Office Holiday Party:…

What to Wear to Your Office Holiday Party: Men’s Edition
Once you have your outfit picked out, your plus one may need some guidance on what to wear, too. When it comes for dressing formally for men, they are a little more limited with their fashion. However, there is a big difference between a full on suit and a sports jacket and slacks and definitely, a nice shirt and jeans. If your party invite asks for dressy attire for you and your guest, then jeans (no matter how dark of rinse) can be put on hold for another night.

While it’s not probably typical that you pick out your man’s clothes on a daily basis, it’s always nice to know what he plans to wear ahead of time as to not present any fashion faux pas surprises. Here are some tips when helping your guy pick out his own party outfit as your holiday date.

- Go without a tie. Yes, ties are probably going to be common at a dressy affair, but a guy can be just as formal without one especially for something a little more festive like an evening office party.

- Keep the shirt crisp. Even if your guy doesn’t don a tie, it’s still important to wear a nicely ironed, well fit, tucked in shirt. Anything too loose or with too many buttons undone will have things looking cheap instead of classy.

- Pick a great jacket. Just like with women, the perfect jacket can make an entire outfit. Make sure your guy's is well tailored and a darker shade like navy, dark gray or black. Just like the LBD for us, a in-a-pinch sports jacket is necessary for him.

- Go for trends. Even guys have their own trends. While they may not work for every guy, they are still fun to try out. V-neck sweaters is a preppy trend that can be an alternative for those who aren’t comfortable wearing jackets.

- Don’t go too matchy-matchy. If your guy does decide to wear a tie, make sure it complements his shirt, but isn’t the same color. The same color family works, but color on color or stripes on stripes can often be hard to pull off.

Let your guy be comfortable in what he wears, but give him the opportunity to get dressed up and be your date. Maybe your guy looks and feels best in jeans and a tee, but he can look just as good (or better!) a little bit dressed up for an evening.

Does your guy have a go-to “dressy” outfit?

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