Wedding Wear 2013

Wedding Wear 2013

What to Wear to a Wedding

When it comes to weddings this year, it’s not about booking the flight or planning the trip or what to get the happy couple, it’s about what am I going to wear?

I will be attending (so far) four weddings this year, three of which are in summer and will be in held in the Midwest. If you’ve never been to the Midwest during the summer, it is hot and humid and not the best time to break out your finest fashion for fear of sweat stains!

However, with evening weddings and some indoors, I’m sure that I can find an outfit that will meet my three ‘C’ needs: comfortable, cool, and classy.

I’ve been cruising a few looks online just to get an idea of what to be looking for in stores. I like the idea of a neutral color dress paired with bright accessories. Much like the blush and turquoise combo with maybe a switch of the kind of jewelry worn.

Or, maybe I’ll go for the super comfy short dress with a bit of bling at the top paired with a nice pair of sandals or cute wedges. Mint green is on my radar so a dress in the hue mixed with some silvery sparkle might be nice.

Then, there is something to be said for a bright punch of color and a good heel. Whether it be a flowy, off-the-shoulder dress or a long, maxi in a festive print, there are literally an infinite number of options of outfits to wear.

Fortunately, I still have a few months to get ready for “wedding season” but it’s fun to start thinking about what I will wear to these fabulous soirees. What do you Taaz ladies suggest?

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