Wedding-Inspired Fashion and Beauty Looks

Wedding-Inspired Fashion and Beauty Looks
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Whether you are feeling bridal or not, there are some wedding-inspired fashion trends that you can incorporate into your wardrobe for an elegant flair. It doesn't have to be a head-to-toe look, but more small pieces added to your wardrobe or makeup routine to create more variety.


Lace provides a variety of options. It can be worked into an outfit through a lace shirt paired with a cardigan, lace tights, or even lace prints for your nails. You can also implement other colors beyond just wedding white to keep the look trendy.

Pearls and Diamonds

Pearl and diamond jewelry is always popular in wedding wear especially in the form of headpieces and necklaces. Bejeweled headbands are on trend right now as are different lengths of pearl necklaces. Also, pairing different lengths and styles of necklaces is a fun way to accessorize an outfit.

Soft Makeup

With the holidays almost over, people will begin feeling spring fever and lighter colors both for makeup and nails. French manicure colors such as beige, light pinks and whites are always a classic look. And minimal makeup with highlights on rosy cheeks and glossy lips will look fresh for the soon-to-be warmer months.

Tuxedo Look

For a more masculine look, "tuxedo" vests or even a loose tie can work for a casual look. It's using the basics of the style and interpreting it for yourself so it suits you.

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