Wearing White for Labor Day (and Beyond)

Wearing White for Labor Day (And Beyond)
Believe it or not Labor Day is right around the corner and it’s always been a fashion “rule” that white cannot be worn after Labor Day. Luckily for fashion lovers everywhere, I know we don’t always play by the rules.

White is still a neutral color. It’s the non-color color that goes with everything. It can match the brightest of neons to the palest of pastels and still work. White evokes simplicity and elegance and depending on how you decide to wear it - skinny jeans, perhaps? - white can be downright trendy.

It definitely was the color of the summer as it matches perfectly with golden tans and carefree days. But it can be taken into fall when paired with the right pieces. But even as Labor Day and sunny skies still greet us, white can be worn just about any way you can imagine.

Ways to wear white on Labor Day:

- loose, cotton pants + striped, boatneck top
- eyelet, above-the-knee dress + color-block wedges
- white sailor shorts + black t-shirt and statement necklace
- white, sleeveless blouse + pair of skinny jeans and flip flops

Ways to wear white after:

- cotton blazer over printed dress
- an all white manicure
- different variations of white: pearl, taupe, off-white for lace or silk blouses
- white jeans paired with a dark cozy sweater and boots

As summer officially comes to a close, don’t think white has worn out its welcome. It’s a staple and always provides a clean sophistication to any look. What ways do you like to wear white?

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I like the idea of white jeans paired with a dark, cozy sweater! My favorite white jeans are by Seven! This comment has been removed.
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